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The BRAND NEW Definitive Guide to Retail & Leisure Parks 2023 is due to be released April 2023.


The report contains reviews and detailed listings not only of those schemes currently trading but also those proposed to open by 2029.


Detailed listings for each scheme include location, scheme name, GIA, tenants, scheme type, nearby foodstores, other nearby developments, planning permission, owners / investment managers and letting agents. For proposed schemes we also show planning status, developer and year open. Recent lettings are detailed alongside recent investment transactions, current and proposed developments together with numerous league tables and photographs.

The Definitive Guide to Retail Parks 2023


Need more data, analysis and insight?

Our Definitive Guide platform covers over 13,000 UK out of town retail & leisure and schopping centre schemes (containing 80,000+ units).  Our data starts at scheme name and covers address, postcode, GIA, year open, planning consent, car parking spaces, tenants and lease information.  Together with details of ownership, management and letting agents along with contact names and links to property and agent websites.  All in one highly searchable package.

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