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Out of town retail & leisure & shopping centre lease comparison

"Make informed decisions with streamlined lease comparison analysis"

Recent Case Study Uses:

Find new deals within the last year including new leases and rent reviews;

Discover rental evidence for a specific trading activity;

Analyse the rental evidence for a specific scheme.

Immerse yourself in the world of strategic lease analysis with Trevor Wood Associates' Definitive Guide Platform. Our extensive data provides unmatched insights into out-of-town retail & leisure and shopping centre locations across the UK.

With our comprehensive data including rental rates and amounts, renewal dates and term dates, review dates and other clauses it assists in identifying market trends and predicting future opportunities.  Helping you build informed strategies and make effective decisions.

If you are managing property or are a tenant or occupier it can help with negotiating improved lease terms and enhance the potential for securing favourable agreements. If you are a property owner or manager, it can help reveal trends and patterns in tenant behaviour, helping to optimise property management strategies and marketing efforts.

As a powerful tool in the toolbox of any real estate professional our Definitive Guide Platform and dataset is also put to use in developing insights that help in managing risk, forecasting revenues, and making strategic investment decisions. Facilitating smart, data-driven decisions to help maximise success in the market.

With over 35 years of experience delivering expert retail and leisure data.  Our comprehensive solutions offer more than just lease and location data. We delve into each location's details, revealing information on property owners, tenants, managing agents, lease terms, car parking facilities, company voluntary arrangements (CVAs), investment transactions, and much more.

We understand the unique challenges each sector presents, so we layer on top of our data, analytics and insights specific to the business challenges you face.  Turning our out of town retail & leisure and shopping centre data into the analytics you want and insight you need to make well-informed, strategic decisions tailored to your unique business requirements.

Lease Comparison

Lease Comparison

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Comprehensive datasets covering the UK

With over 13,000+ UK out of town retail & leisure and schopping centre schemes (containing 80,000+ units) covered and a history spanning 35 years, our data is extensive.  Our data starts at scheme name and covers address, postcode, GIA, year open, planning consent, car parking spaces, tenants and lease information.  Together with details of ownership, management and letting agents along with contact names and links to property and agent websites.  All in one highly searchable package.

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