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As a surveyor, precise and reliable data is essential for delivering expert professional advice in the dynamic out-of-town retail & leisure, and shopping centre commercial real estate market.

Our Definitive Guide insights platform stands as the UK's premier independent data and insights platform.  It is trusted by surveyors to underpin everything from rent comparison during lease renewals, identifying new lease event triggers for new business, valuation, lead generation and more.

With our extensive independent database and Definitive Guide insights platform at Trevor Wood Associates, we provide you with the data-driven tools to underpin the advice you provide.

How The Definitive Guide Platform Helps:

Lease comparison

Lease event triggers

Lead generation

UK Retail & Lesiure and Shopping Centre Surveyor Services - Trevor Wood Associates Definitive Guide

How we can help surveyors

Since our establishment over 35 years ago, Trevor Wood Associates has been relied upon by surveyors focussed on out of town retail & leisure and shopping centre real estate across the UK. Our data and insights platform and Definitive Guide publications have provided the underpinning for rent reviews, lease renewals, rating and valuation.  As well as being trusted by surveyors as a reliable new business source by allowing our users to identify lease date triggers.  Our longstanding data history and extensive experience spanning decades has allowed us to provide the data insights that the surveyors who subscribe to our platform have come to rely upon.

So whether you are advising a client on a lease renewal or a rent review.  Valuing an entire scheme or a single unit.  Or dealing with a business rates review or tribunal you can enhance the breadth of your data with access to our Definitive Guide platform.


We pride ourselves on being a firm rooted in deep sector data expertise combined with the latest data technology and software to provide the data and analysis that helps turn big ideas into actionable insights.  And above all, we're committed to building long-lasting success. We focus on deep well connected data and the tools built over decades to allow you to interrogate it successfully to help you deliver great advice when it matters.

Get in touch with us to find out more.

Comprehensive datasets covering the UK

With over 13,000+ UK out of town retail & leisure and schopping centre schemes (containing 80,000+ units) covered and a history spanning 35 years, our data is extensive.  Our data starts at scheme name and covers address, postcode, GIA, year open, planning consent, car parking spaces, tenants and lease information.  Together with details of ownership, management and letting agents along with contact names and links to property and agent websites.  All in one highly searchable package.

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