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Out of town retail & leisure & shopping centre investment appraisal

"Immerse yourself  in the world of retail & lesiure real estate investment data on the Definitive Guide"

Recent Case Study Uses:

Identify rental evidence for a specific scheme to inform valuation;


Produce rental evidence for a specific scheme type within a defined geography;

List schemes currently marketed for sale;

Find everything purchased by a specific landlord;

Develop rent schedule for a selected retailer.

Our platform is designed to guide your strategic decisions in the competitive landscape of the UK's out-of-town retail, leisure, and shopping centre markets.  With more than just surface-level analysis. It assists you in uncovering and evaluating current and potential investment opportunities.  Evaluating existing and prospective tenants, property owners, investors, agents, and more.

With our extensive scheme and unit profiles, tenant schedules, vacancy rates, owner & agent, leasing and investment transaction data and detailed analytics, we enable a clear and concise understanding of the out of town retail & leisure and shopping centre property landscape.

You can gain deep insights into lease terms, rental rates, review dates, and renewal or expiry schedules, offering a holistic view of potential investments. Additionally, our analysis of investment transactions and administration data helps you monitor market trends, spot lucrative opportunities, and avoid potential pitfalls. This valuable data and the tools to interrogite it, when coupled with your strategic vision, can help maximise your returns in the market.

In today's dynamic market, having the right information at your fingertips can transform your investment strategy. With over 35 years of retail and leisure industry experience, our aim remains to serve as your partner in navigating the complexities of the retail and leisure industry.  By offering you the tools and insights you need to excel our Definitive Guide Platform combines our comprehensive data, robust analytics, tools, and sector-specific insights, providing you with the foundation to succeed.

Comprehensive datasets covering the UK

With over 13,000+ UK out of town retail & leisure and schopping centre schemes (containing 80,000+ units) covered and a history spanning 35 years, our data is extensive.  Our data starts at scheme name and covers address, postcode, GIA, year open, planning consent, car parking spaces, tenants and lease information.  Together with details of ownership, management and letting agents along with contact names and links to property and agent websites.  All in one highly searchable package.

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