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Out of town retail & leisure & shopping centre occupier discovery

"Discover & learn about current and potential occupiers across the UK's retail & leisure market with precision."

Recent Case Study Uses:

Identify comparable retailers suitable for a specific unit;

Discover all retailers that have opened in the past 12 months;

Build relevant targeted retailer marketing list to launch a new scheme to.

Discover and learn about current and potential occupiers across the UK's Retail & Leisure Market with Precision

Dive into a world of actionable insights and data-driven decisions with Trevor Wood Associates' Definitive Guide Platform. Our occupier discovery features allow for in-depth analysis of the UK's out-of-town retail & leisure and shopping centre occupier locations.  Delivering a comprehensive understanding of the market dynamics.

Identifying and targeting specific occupiers for particular locations or units offers a range of benefits for strategic decision-making in the out of retail and leisure and shopping centre industry. By allowing you to understand the unique characteristics of each occupier, their preferences, and how they interact within different spaces.






As an owner, agent or investor this helps you tailor your property marketing efforts to attract the right occupiers, ensuring the optimum use of your real estate assets.  By identifying occupiers who consistently favour specific types of units or locations you can reveal emerging market trends, enabling you to make forward-looking investment decisions. For developers and investors, this can also assist in aligning property development or refurbishment strategies to attract high-value occupiers.

Or if you're a retailer or a leisure operator, understanding who your neighbouring occupiers are can provide insight into footfall patterns and customer behaviour, thereby aiding in your site selection or rationalisation decision making.

Drawing from our 35 years of experience in delivering expert retail and leisure data, analytics, tools and insights in the UK, we have developed tailored solutions to tackle the unique challenges in each sector of the retail and leisure market.  We go beyond offering standard tenant lists. With our occupier discovery tools, we provide extensive details of each occupier's footprint, including information on locations, lease terms, co-tenants, managing agents, company voluntary arrangements (CVAs), investment transactions, and much more.

At Trevor Wood Associates, we're not just a data provider we aim to provide the tools and insight to help you navigate the UK's retail and leisure market effortlessly.  Uncover key retail & leisure occupiers, and elevate your business with our unrivalled industry insights.

Occupier Discovery

Occupier Discovery

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Comprehensive datasets covering the UK

With over 13,000+ UK out of town retail & leisure and schopping centre schemes (containing 80,000+ units) covered and a history spanning 35 years, our data is extensive.  Our data starts at scheme name and covers address, postcode, GIA, year open, planning consent, car parking spaces, tenants and lease information.  Together with details of ownership, management and letting agents along with contact names and links to property and agent websites.  All in one highly searchable package.

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