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After several rumors about the smart watch developed by Samsung, the bullet has now passed through the church. Galaxy Watch was officially released at the same time as the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 during the press conference, which can be broadcast live. He successfully acquired the previous Samsung smart watch Gear S3.

Both models run on the Exynos chipset and contain 4GB of memory. You can connect to other devices via Bluetooth and NFC. In other countries, a version was also sold, with 4G independently owned mobile internet, but it was not released in the Netherlands.

Smart watch with pressure gauge

The watch also has many smart features that can now focus on your sleep rhythm. You will receive an update in the morning. In addition, Watch has a pressure gauge that will suggest breathing exercises once your level passes through the roof.

For a long time, it is rumored that Galaxy Watch will run on Wear OS, formerly known as Android Wear. This does not seem to be the case. Samsung smart watchchose to have Tizen OS on the cheap smart watches, a homemade operating system.

In addition, with Galaxy cheap smart watches, you can use Spotify and download songs for offline use. Therefore, you can leave your phone at home during your workout. The Galaxy Home speakers released at the same time can also be used with Spotify, but no details have been announced yet.

Gift for quick decision makers

Galaxy Watch will be available for sale in stores starting September 7. It is already available for booking. If you order between August 9th and September 6th, you will receive a free loading dock as a gift. With this new accessory, you can charge your watch and Samsung smart watch smartphone at the same time.